SENS, supporting social entrepreneurs in Africa

SENS is a “social business” angel at the level of an organization. Gathering business counselors, social entrepreneurs and impact investors, SENS promotes an inclusive and local development.

SENS supports social entrepreneurs in France (Picardie) and Benin (Collines, Borgou) since 2009, providing them with:

  • Technical support on marketing, supply chain, process, HR, profitability, social and environmental impacts, governance, etc.
  • Financial support from partner MFIs and our investment fund Investi’SENS

SENS targets 3 high impact-potential sectors:

  • Food industry & agribusiness
  • Natural health products & agricultural inputs
  • Village-level service companies (renewable energy, agro-counseling, small-scale agri-processing)

Specialized in social entrepreneurship in African rural areas, SENS has developed methodologies, tools and trainings that we are ready to share with partner organizations willing to work for the same aim.

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40 social enterprises supported
1500 underprivileged people impacted
150 jobs created (full-time)
300 €/year of additional revenue for each person included in the value chain